5 Ways The Instagram Hashtag Follow Feature Can Grow Your Business

Instagram now let's you follow hashtags

Have you heard the news?! 

Photo Credit: KBush Collective

Photo Credit: KBush Collective

I know you're probably thinking something like...."oh boy, Instagram has graced us with yet another update, minimizing our visibility and making our life a living HELL" (maybe not so dramatic but......you get the point). Still not over that whole Instagram algorithm thing, but whatever.

photo credit:  giphy.com /original source: unknown

photo credit: giphy.com/original source: unknown

Believe it or not, this new hashtag follow feature will actually help increase your exposure, giving you an opportunity to discover new content, gain new followers and ultimately, increase your visibility! 

Won't He do it?! 

What is the new Instagram hashtag follow update?

Let's backtrack for a minute because you're probably asking yourself, "well, what the hell is the damn update anyway?" In a nutshell, you can now follow hashtags (preferably those that relate to your interests, business or industry), similar to how you follow regular users. 

This allows top posts under those hashtags to appear in your Instagram feed, exposing you to new content and potential followers without having to constantly search for them. You can even choose to unfollow hashtags anytime you like. 

photo credit: via  giphy.com /original source: unknown

photo credit: via giphy.com/original source: unknown

Oh, it's lit. 

How can I use the Instagram hashtag follow feature to grow my business?

So yea, that all sounds great, but what does this mean for you and your business? See below the top 5 ways this Instagram hashtag follow update can skyrocket your following and increase your chances of converting followers into consumers! 

1 — You have easy access to top influencers, consumers, etc., in your industry

photo credit: via giphy.com/MTVFilms/NapoleanPictures/Access Films

photo credit: via giphy.com/MTVFilms/NapoleanPictures/Access Films

Instagram is basically gift-dropping new followers and potential consumers in your lap. I mean, it is the holidays so.....thanks? But seriously, I think it's safe to assume that any user who's utilizing your industry-related hashtags has already shown some sort of interest in your product, services, etc. So following those hashtags allows those users to appear on your timeline without you having to constantly search for them.

Talk about a time-saver, eh? 

2 — You can optimize your visibility by engaging with top posts

photo credit: KBush Collective

photo credit: KBush Collective

Not only do those top posts appear on your timeline (effortlessly, btw),  you can also engage with them on a subject matter they're already interested in. And if we're going by the logic that tops users share common interests with their followers, then boom...you have the potential to double your reach and engage with twice as many, if not more, new consumers. 

3 — Potential consumers can find you a little easier

photo credit: via  giphy.com /Late Night with Conan O'Brien/TBS

photo credit: via giphy.com/Late Night with Conan O'Brien/TBS

The great thing about this hashtag follow feature is that it works both ways. I think it's safe to assume that if potential consumers are using a specific set of hashtags, they're probably also following said hashtags. And if those hashtags are relative to your brand and you're also using them, they can use this Instagram hashtag follow feature to find you as well. 

4 — The hashtag follow update can be used for social listening 

photo credit: via  giphy.com /Maury Show

photo credit: via giphy.com/Maury Show

The whole point is to make this Instagram follow feature work for you, right? So why not follow your competitor's branded hashtags to see what they're up to? Utilize this as a social listening tool to see what's working for your competitors and what their community is (or isn't) responding to, as a way to improve your own content strategy. You can also see who's engaging with their content, and follow and engage with those followers since the subject matter is pretty much the same. 

So sneaky; so tricky; yet.....brilliant.  You're welcome. 

5 — You can cultivate your community

photo credit: via  giphy.com /NBC/Friends

photo credit: via giphy.com/NBC/Friends

Simply put, being able to follow relative hashtags and engage with top posts and other users who share common interests is a useful tool in cultivating a community around your brand. 

Happy following! Xx

-KBush Collective